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The second best compact camera in the world - so says Ken Rockwell, and he should know. Was the best camera in the world a moment ago, but has been replaced with the S100 (Jan 2012), making it a real bargain right now, while remaining stocks last. Read Ken's reveiew here. This is top-of the range of Canon's compact cameras. They do make a more expensive compact camera (G12), but that's a similar camera in a very rugged body, heavy, and with a slower lens. This camera is wonderful (we've used it for a year now, and have just bought ourselves another, so have one each, it is that good) as:
  • works excellently in low light conditions
  • has excellent video
  • has a larger sensor than most compact cameras
  • has a faster (more light-gathering) lens than most (F2.0)
  • full manual control if you need it
  • amazing macro
  • was 330 approx until recently (at Amazon) - see current price in photo
  • As it's about to be discontinued, the price has dropped significantly so now's the time to grab it before they disappear. The replacement has GPS (do you really need that?), 1080p video (over-the-top, frankly, for a compact camera) and a wider ranging zoom lens (that is tempting, but not worth the price difference).

    Rather expensive at the moment compared with the S95 - but here it is, the new best compact camera in the world. Read the review at Ken Rockwell. Note his site has excellent information on actually getting the best from cameras in general.

    Similar to the S95, but in tougher clothing and with a slower (less light-gathering) lens. Much heavier than the S95. An excellent camera, but the extra stop of light (F2.0 rather than F2.8) of the S95, plus being more portable, makes the S95 the winner.

    The perfect netbook. Ideal for taking on journeys, or just browsing and emails.
  • Excellent, well spaced keyboard
  • Non-glossy screen, less reflections in bright light, e.g. for train journeys
  • Very long battery life
  • The latest dual processor (N570)
  • Includes Word and Excel 2010 starter edition

  • As above, but in white.

    For the very young

    Baby Tad is a fairly large soft toy (about 30cm, 12" tall) frog character that sings nursery rhymes (sung by a child with something of an American accent, but not too strong). The lights on the front flash - the child has to choose the correct colour to get start the rhyme. Great from about 9 months old, a favourite at about 18 months. Includes a classical music nodding off mode.

    This is one of our favourite children's books. It's an anthology of famous stories and nursery rhymes, including classics such as "The Snowman". The book is hardback and the binding and printing are of excellent quality, making this a book to treasure, and a perfect gift.

    For older children

    A classic of science fiction, well ahead of its time, and make you think. Easy to read, therefore suitable for older children, especially those interested in science or technology.

    A beautiful "anime" film by the master of Japanese Animation.

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