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Vincent Bootle specialises in wedding rings - Celtic style and traditional - all hand-crafted.Click here for Vin's website or here for an article on Vin that appeared in the Dalesman magazine.
Based mainly on Celtic and Roman designs, every piece is hand-crafted. Worn by both men and women these simple or complex designs revive the intricate beauty of age-old craftsmanship.
He has made jewellery for 35 years and as a gold and silversmith designer. He welcomes commissions to satisfy individual tastes.
Vincent lives and works in the old Roman village of Aldborough, between York and the spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, an area once home to the ancient British tribe of the Brigantes.
One of his many designs that he enjoys making most is an ancient Celtic weave of eight strands of wire which I have exclusively converted into gold or silver or a combination of both. I've named this design BRIGANTE EIGHT after the ancient local tribe whose queen Cartimandua befriended the occupying Romans and is said to have taken up residence with them in my village of Aldborough in about 400 AD.
This design forms the basis of many rings, bracelets, collars, pendants, ear-rings and cuff links. For some designs he uses only six or four strands.
Perhaps design your own jewellery using a combination of yellow, red and white 18ct gold or in silver .. or even mix gold and silver.
Celtic-weave wedding rings are his speciality - but also traditional - perhaps design your own.

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