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The LeapPad system is an excellent educational system, appropriate for children from about 4.

A LeapPad book for younger children - ideal for 4 year olds.

The world in the hands of your 6 year old.

You either love or hate this - Children love it. We find it's best rationed carefully. It consists of a robust, chunky video-game player that takes cartridges. The games have mostly an American accent. The battery life is excellent (rechargeable batteries can be used - takes 4 AA). Ideal for keeping a child very quite during long car journeys. The games are good, and educational in a subtle and fun way.

A great Leapster cartridge for 4/5 year old girls.

This is one of our favourite children's books. It's an anthology of famous stories and nursery rhymes, including classics such as "The Snowman". The book is hardback and the binding and printing are of excellent quality, making this a book to treasure, and a perfect gift.

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