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Baby Tad is a fairly large soft toy (about 30cm, 12" tall) frog character that sings nursery rhymes (sung by a child with something of an American accent, but not too strong). The lights on the front flash - the child has to choose the correct colour to get start the rhyme. Great from about 9 months old, a favourite at about 18 months. Includes a classical music nodding off mode.

Bathtime fun for Teletubbies fans.

Poppy cat was a great hit with when our daughter was 3. Even though the book appears fragile, that seems to work in its favour, as it encourages careful play. It's not really a book, but a cardboard foldout and popup house with various animal characters that the child can make believe with. The house is full of nooks and crannies, with hidden flats and pull-puts etc. Takes a while to find them all, and much cheaper than a real doll's house!

This is one of our favourite children's books. It's an anthology of famous stories and nursery rhymes, including classics such as "The Snowman". The book is hardback and the binding and printing are of excellent quality, making this a book to treasure, and a perfect gift.

The starter LeapPad system - keeps 2-3 year olds busy for ages, and very educational. Be careful with the age range - if the child is approaching 4, then the normal LeapPad system (see children) would be more appropriate.

An excellent book for the LeapPad system. Note this is for the "My first LeapPad", for under 4's. The LeapPad system is American, but this particular book has an British English accent.

An excellent book for the LeapPad system. Note this is for the "My first LeapPad", for under 4's.

Yet another book for "My first LeapPad" - if your child likes Winnie the Pooh, then this one would be a great hit.

Very young childern love having their own backpack - if they have "My first LeapPad" then this backpack is ideal.

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