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Taking a child's temperature with anything else is frustrating and unreliable. Strangely, people (including children) love using this, and they will take your temperature too! It comes with disposable "lenses" (a thin transparent cover) for hygiene - though they seem perfectly reusable with a wipe with a clean tissue.

The best baby monitor available - long range, clear, can talk back to baby, uses DECT (same as digital cordless telephones). Measures and transmits nursery temperature, plays lullabies, has a night-light. Expensive but worth it.

An excellent book on how to communicate with children. Reviewers give it five stars at Amazon. Gives examples of how to let children describe their feelings. By listening and acknowledging children's feelings (instead of giving advice to them, or asking why something happened), conflict is reduced. This is something all parents aim for, but the techniques to do so are not obvious, hence the value of this book.

How to get CBeeBies without paying for cable or satellite. This is simply the best freeview decoder available. It's nearly three times the price of the cheapest, but looks good, and works well (and fast). Subtitles are excellent. Note that it does not include a slot for "Topup-TV" cards, but Topup-TV for Freeview seems a contradiction in terms. Picture quality is typical Sony - utterly excellent. Hard to believe, but it seemed better than the NTL cable system it replaced!

Much cheaper than the Sony Freeview box. Only drawback appears to be programme information etc is slower to appear. If you just want CBeeBies this is the one to get.

Where you went wrong.

Winnie the pooh, lavishly bound.

This is one of our favourite children's books. It's an anthology of famous stories and nursery rhymes, including classics such as "The Snowman". The book is hardback and the binding and printing are of excellent quality, making this a book to treasure, and a perfect gift.

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