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Chosing a digital camera is not easy. Some people rate convenience (small size) above picture quality. For the ultimate picture quality, a digital SLR would be the natural choice, but they are heavy, bulky, expensive and therefore less likely to be with you when you need it. This camera is a great balance. It's not a tiny camera, but still convenient enough. Picture quality is stunning.

Essential for backup and moving data between computers. Incredibly cheap for half a gig of flash memory.

Now 1 Gig for peanuts. Note that no drivers are supplied for Windows 98.

Netgear ADSL modem/routers are well known for their ease of installation and excellent technical support.

Amazon appear knowledgeable about multi-region DVD players. This is an excellent example - cheaper than the normal (Region 2 only) found in the high street, yet can play DVDs bought elsewhere around the world (most likely, from holidays in the USA, where DVDs are cheaper and come out earlier).

This is simply the best freeview decoder available. It's nearly three times the price of the cheapest, but looks good, and works well (and fast). Subtitles are excellent. Note that it does not include a slot for "Topup-TV" cards, but Topup-TV for Freeview seems a contradiction in terms. Picture quality is typical Sony - utterly excellent. Hard to believe, but it seemed better than the NTL cable system it replaced!

Much cheaper than the Sony Freeview box. Only drawback appears to be programme information etc is slower to appear.

Turn the lights down, headphones on loud and enjoy.

A classic of science fiction, well ahead of its time, and make you think. Unlike much science fiction, is easy to read.

How to start out in astronomy using a cheap telescope (includes which to buy and which to avoid).

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